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2005-2009 Jeep TJ


MOAB TESTED and Passed
RIPP is currently testing a new SDS system for the 4.0L 2005-2006 TJ, we have completed our proto-type stages and we are going into manufacturing. We have produced 250 rear-wheel HP through an automatic transmission and a fully stock exhaust system - including cats. See video below.

Power, Drivability, and, Reliability: these three words sum up the RIPP SDS Supercharger Drive System. The RIPP SDS will deliver a smooth and linear boost curve that does not shock the system that way a turbocharger system would. RIPP’s unique approach to product development brings together a system with the level of refinement that your car has been waiting for. Pumping new life into the veins of your car with every revolution! The power added will bring out the performance you were looking for when you bought your truck

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