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2007-2011 Jeep JK


THE Replacement for Displacement!

UPDATE : RIPP Superchargers has sold over 1800kits world wide - We have collectively completed over 200000 miles of on and off-road testing. Released in July of 2008 many Jeep enthusiasts are enjoying the added power and fuel savings.

Contemplating a V8? - RIPP asks why?

  •    Why spend weeks pulling the frame off your new chassis to put in an old motor

  •    Why spend up to $25000.00 to have a shop supply parts and labor

  •    Why worry about emission laws and custom exhaust

  •    Why spend more at the pump, with our kits you can still use 89 octane

  •    Why add 500 pounds to your Jeep

  •    5.7L HEMI’s only make 270whp & 280ft/lbs of torque

On the other hand:

  •    Come pre-tuned with a state of the art flash unit supported world wide

  •    Come with a self contained supercharger ready for 600hp

  •    Are infinitely expandable with intercoolers and headers

  •    Stage 1 Supercharged V6’s Produce 240whp and 260ft/lbs of torque (through 35in tires)

Power, Drivability, and, Reliability: these three words sum up RIPP Superchargers. It will deliver a smooth and linear boost curve that does not shock the system the way a turbocharger or roots type system would. RIPP’s unique approach to product development brings together a system with the level of refinement that your Jeep has been waiting for. Pumping new life into the veins of your vehicle with every revolution! The power added will bring out V8 like performance when you need it.

Key Features:

  •    Easy to install with less time and hassle than our competitors

  •    100% Check Engine Light free environment

  •    Most powerful kit on the market

  •    Self Contained V3 Si-Trim Supercharger

  •    Add's 2-6MPG when drive respectfully*

  •    Can be used with an Off Road Snorkel

  •    Most notably should something ever go wrong with any mechanical part of the RIPP Supercharger kit, simply remove the longer serpentine belt supplied and powering the SDS, and reinstall your factory belt which takes minutes and your completely back to stock. This also comes in handy if you live in a state that require stringent emissions testing, simply take the SDS out of the loop and your back to stock. You will not have to reverse any other part of the fuel or electronics to do this, A FEATURE NONE of our competitors can boast.

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